What is the Roue du Ventoux?

The Roue Du Ventoux Challenge combines climbing Mont Ventoux three times in one day (also know as The Cinglé Challenge) with the classic Tour du Ventoux ride which is the circular ride all the way around the mountain. The route on a map resembles a tri-spoke wheel - hence the name - The Roue!

The rules are fairly simple.


  1. You ride a full circuit of The Ventoux which must include The Gorge de la Nesque, The Toulourenc Valley and The Col de la Madelaine. *

  2. Three ascents of The Ventoux to the summit and 3 descents of the same climb must be made as you pass through the 3 villages on the Tour du Ventoux ride. These are Malaucene, Bedoin and Sault.

  3. Your minimum elevation gain should be NO LESS than 5800m

  4. Your minimum distance should be NO LESS than 225km

  5. You can start the ride at any point on the Tour du Ventoux ride but you must finish at the same location.

  6. The ride must be done ANTICLOCKWISE.

  7. Depending on where you start you can do the 3 ascents in any order.

    Malaucene – Bedoin – Sault
    Bedoin – Sault – Malaucene
    Sault – Malaucene – Bedoin

  8. The ride must be completed in one day at any time between 0h and 24h.

    * (Shorter versions of the ride via the Notre Damme des Abeilles from Flassan or Villes sur Auzon will not be accepted even though the climbing is increased.)